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Australian Fashion Council
Web Design - Membership Strategy - Creative Direction - Marketing Strategy
Australian Fashion Council
• Web Design
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• Creative Direction
• UI Design
• Membership Strategy
• Marketing Strategy

The Australian Fashion Council (AFC) is the peak body for the Fashion & Textile Industry in Australia. The AFC has represented and served the industry for over 65 years, drawing members from across the entire fashion ecosystem. Through collaboration and leadership, the AFC provides the resources, support and tools to enable the industry to continue to evolve and thrive. The Australian Fashion Council advocates for the industry at the tables that matter.

Firstly — the project seeks to enhance industry participation in the Australian Fashion Council and ultimately increase its membership.

Secondly — to fundamentally reimagine the website of the Australian Fashion Council. The aim is to transform it from a static blog to a dynamic and resource-rich online platform, which not only serves the needs of its members more effectively, but also reflects the vibrant and dynamic nature of the fashion industry.

Our team provided a comprehensive end-to-end solution, which began with working closely with the Australian Fashion Council to redesign their membership strategy and culminated in the delivery of a multifunctional website that meets the needs of the industry.
Our design provided a complete visual transformation from a simple, blog style site to a much more dynamic, engaging and informative site with elevated styling, ease of use and beautiful visuals. In doing so, we raised the overall brand presence of the Australian Fashion Council to a more enticing, lively, relevant and professional peak body website, more aligned to the vibrant Australian fashion industry.

🌟 198% increase in visitors to the website
🌟 Reduced Average Page Load Time by 7 seconds
🌟 50% increase in SERP real estate

We made joining the Australian Fashion Council easy
Lucky Tiger Digital identified & removed friction from member onboarding.
To simplify member onboarding we created an online application form and payment system that enables new members to join the Australian Fashion Council with ease. This not only streamlines the membership process but also frees up the Australian Fashion Council team members to focus on providing a better member experience.

We created an industry hub
Lucky Tiger Digital harnessed the concept of a directory, repositioned and rebuilt it to service the needs of today's industry.
Furthermore, we replaced the defunct, external TFIA directory with a brand new directory housed within the Australian Fashion Council website. Built for the industry to easy self maintenance in mind, ensures its constant relevance while also reducing the overhead costs for the Australian Fashion Council. The directory is now the most visited section of the Australian Fashion Council website, with over 500 visitors every month.

We enlivened the Membership Program
Lucky Tiger Digital developed a comprehensive strategy to drive membership growth and enhance the value of the membership offering. This included a redesign of the membership package, aimed at providing members with more benefits and greater value.

We created an online member portal
which provides members with exclusive access to a wide range of resources, tools, and information. This online portal serves as a one-stop-shop for members to access all the resources they need to thrive in the fashion industry. By providing members with these exclusive resources, we increased the perceived value of the membership, and ultimately, helped to drive membership growth.

We highlighted activity of the Australian Fashion Council
Lucky Tiger Digital created a vibrant news and events area, which highlights the activity of the Australian Fashion Council and the wider industry. This makes it easier for industry professionals to stay informed and up to date with the latest developments, trends, and news within the fashion industry.

WordPress website – Updated Design, User-friendly Navigation, Mobile Responsive, Faster Load Times, Improved Content, Search Engine Optimised (SEO), Clear Calls-to-Action, Enhanced Security.

• Australian Fashion Directory – 100+ categories, showcasing over 400 Australian businesses.
• Online membership application
• Online membership payment – via Paypal
• Dynamic News & Events – automated via Eventbrite
• Member Account / Login
• Restricted Members Area
• Newsletter sign up – via Mailchimp
• Easily to use CMS which enables the Australian Fashion Council to easily self edit.
• Retire and redirect from multiple websites.

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