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The Australian Fashion Trademark Website
Website Strategy - Creative Direction - UX - UI Design - E-Commerce
• Website Strategy
• Website Design
• UX
• Creative Direction
• UI
• Online Certification Application
• Online Certification Payment
• Password Protected Portal for Assets
• E-commerce interface to showcase product with sorting and filtration

A first for the Australian fashion industry, The Australian Fashion Trademark is a certification to identify Australian Fashion brands on the global stage, selling our unique vision, original design and progressive values to the world. Driving demand across Australia and globally.

Through our strategic approach and creative expertise, we helped our client achieve their key objectives; creating a multifaceted website to launch the Australian FashionTM that reflects the values and vibrancy of the industry while driving both industry and consumer engagement.

The AFTM website needs to speak to two different audiences and address two different goals.
General public / consumers
The Australian fashion industry

Thus our solution created 2 faces of the AFTM website to speak to these 2 distinct audiences.
1 - The consumer facing side allows consumers to learn about the certification concept and browse the showcase of brands.
2 - The ‘Industry’ B2B side that entices brands to become certified and administers the certification.

1: Unveiling the Australian FashionTM
Our foremost objective was to introduce the concept of the Australian FashionTM to both industry professionals and consumers alike. We crafted an online experience that embodies the spirit of the Australian FashionTM itself with bold visual designs and large emotive imagery and typography. The UX takes the visitor on a journey from the concept, values and steps to certification in easy segments, educating visitors on the vision for the Australian FashionTM and enticing brands to become certified.

2: Industry Focal Point and Certification Application
In order to accelerate growth and expand reach, the website facilitated the onboarding of brands through our B2B strategy. Leveraging our expertise in web design and user experience, we developed an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Our seamlessly integrated online application process makes it effortless for brands to get certified.

3: Celebrating Australian Brands and Boosting Sales Channels
With a vision to highlight the vibrant landscape of Australian brands and drive sales, we designed a visually captivating platform that celebrates local brands, allowing visitors to ‘shop’ certified brands while showcasing an array of talent and creativity. With SEO, we ensured maximum visibility for Australian FashionTM brands in search engine results, driving organic traffic.

Lucky Tiger Digital proudly unveiled the Australian Fashion TradeMark, presenting a visually engaging showcase that truly embodies the essence of the Australian Fashion industry. Not only does it serve as a focal point for the industry, but it also encompasses an array of online features, including an intuitive application and payment processing system, a password-protected portal, and comprehensive e-commerce functionality with advanced product sorting and filtration capabilities.

WordPress website – Engaging Visuals, User-friendly Navigation, Responsive Design, Mobile Responsive, Fast Load Times, Improved Content, SEO Optimised, Clear Calls-to-Action, user friendly backend Content Management System, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Ongoing Support and Maintenance

• Online certification application
• Online certification payment – via Paypal
• Password protected portal for certified brands to access Trademark assets
• Pop-up subscribe sign up – via Mailchimp
• E-commerce interface with product sorting and filtration

Client Success Stories

Hannah Thatcher

Australian Fashion Trade Mark
Working with Lucky Tiger Digital was a fantastic experience and I recommend them highly if you are looking for professional, innovative and supportive experience when building, updating or managing a website!

They came to the table with beautiful designs, quick solutions, insightful training and were able to facilitate every request efficiently.

Thank you LTD!
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