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Helen Kaminski
Art Direction - Still life - Shoot Production
Helen Kaminski
Art Direction
Shoot Production

The Client:
Built on a foundation of quality craftsmanship, natural beauty and distinctive style, Helen Kaminski offers a collection of women's hats, bags and scarves.

In 1983, Helen Marie Kaminski handcrafted a raffia hat to protect her children from the searing Australian sun. Soon after, her distinctive design was coveted by small country boutiques, followed by the style set.

Helen Kaminski is now distributed in 25 countries and across 5 continents globally as well as featured in luxury department stores and select boutiques in Australia, the UK, France, the USA, Japan and South Korea.

To create an evergreen set of brand imagery for Helen Kaminski's 'Care and Repair' campaign, to be featured on their website and in store. The images sought to inspire and express the brands core values - quality materials, quality craftsmanship, and natural beauty. To support these conceptual still life images, a set of more instructional images and animated gifs we created to demonstrate how to care for your Helen Kaminski hats and bags in a step by step fashion.

The Solution:
We collaborated with photographer Pete Daley and the Helen Kaminski team to create the Care and Repair Campaign images. Taking raw materials and tools from the workshop, we sought to create elegant compositions using contrasting textures and shapes, drawing attention to the natural raw beauty of the wool and straw while conveying a refined brand aesthetic.

Photos by Pete Daly

Client Success Stories

Prue-Ellen Thomas

Helen Kaminski
Lucky Tiger have a great understanding of where our brand is and where it is heading, providing us with art direction and assets that take our creative to the next level. They delivered what we wanted as a client, but also used their creative eye and experience to create imagery that is elevated and on par with our refined, luxury accessories.
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